Dumpling Chef Airport West

The Brief is called to design an Asian dumpling restaurant to meet both clients + center design guidelines.
The restaurant is targeting all ages of customers-young families, couples, and even retired peoples.

The design direction is inspired by the Dumpling Chef’s own characters.
The dumpling chef had well developed its own unique and strong visual character.
Dumpling Chef value its own culture, love to share and
a heart of willing to learn to challenge their own boundaries to explore new recipes in dishes.

Seating layout is divided into four parts –
the Banquette zone, the loose table zone, the canteen table zone, and the window sharing zone.
Banquette zone is for young families and smaller group customer –
Loose table zone is for the young couple, solo person to have a quick meal –
Canteen table zone is for a large group of the customer –
and Window sharing zone is the marketing strategy decision to attract and eye-catching shoppers who pass by.

LocationAirport West

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