S2dio-X Architects strives to design and deliver high quality creative solutions that responds to the clients budget and functional requirements

Our Approach

We do not see architecture as mere containers for living, but as an experiential and emotional encounter of the narrative architectural space. We view architectural space. We view architecture and interior design as an exciting journey as a continuous discourse with our clients, therefore the unknown variable ‘X’ is in the equation in amidst of our philosophy and belief. We aim to exceed every clients expectations with crafted unique and memorable architectural spaces.

What We Believe

Our young & dynamic team of designers strongly believe that building design must be of relevance to its context (not only design pragmatic issues) and be a reflection of culture and society. We adopt a design approach that incorporates the best modern technologies / vernacular approach for passive strategies / hybrid systems for greater energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

How We Add Value

We deliver high resolved & functionally effective design solutions to client. We seek to provide high design quality, buildable and durable construction to meet client budget with low – maintenance work needed. Productive and effective work is our guarantee. Depth analysis of related facility and high understanding of site = Out-standing building.

Quality Control

S2dio-X see quality control as one of the prior services. We focus on the Design to the smallest detail to minimize the chance of discrepancy during the construction. There is nothing so called “too challenging” to s2dio-X for we enjoy in the design process.

We do not record printing cost, or limit the number of call out requests because we see this as a necessary process to deliver a quality project which is all about your dream house / restaurant or the office.

In preliminary stage, we do as many design options as possible to help our client to get the right layout.


A project will not be success if there is no development of sustainable design.

Sustainable is one of the key feature in our Architectural building design to ensure your dream house/ building can last long. We are well trained and have developed a way of sustainable design to ensure a building can “breath” and selfsustained so that the owner spend less in future maintenance cost.

We design each building separately to ensure the new building is respecting the environment well and suit the climate to ensure our client stay in a comfortable and welcoming building.

Please note that Architectural Design is NOT only about Facade design.

Speed Control

We understand that most of you believe TIME is GOLD. Based on the experiences that we have developed from the past, we can ensure that your project will be well developed in quality and it’s always on the track on our side. We commit to respond to our client immediately at all time. The only thing that we are not in control is the responses from the sub-consultants, suppliers or the local authorities.

About Us

As long as a project is assigned, s2dio-X will give our full commitment to client for:

Keep client highly informed from the beginning to the end of the contract.

Being responsible and ethic as an Architect. Produce all necessary documents to meet deadline as agreed.

Be sensitive to design method and ensure all design to meet Australian standard and building regulation.

Ensure that project is meeting client budget unless indicated otherwise.

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